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Coppell Baseball offers two programs:  Recreational and Select/Premier League.  These programs are designed to promote growth and competition.  The majority of our players participate in the Recreational Program. Select/Premier League Team are formed through a tryout process each fall and spring season.   During your registration you will be allowed to submit your registration payment and select league placement. For fees and age cut offs go to the FAQ section of the web site.

KEY 2017 DATES (click to open)

10.23.2017 10:00 am
Online Registration Begins
10.29.2017 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
CBA Board Meeting

The recreational, or city, league currently consists of teams from Blast Ball (3 and 4 year olds) to U5-U18. 

League Age Fall 2017

Recreational League Start End
Blast Ball (3-4) 5/1/13 4/30/15
U 6 (U5 and U6) 5/1/11 4/30/13
U 7 5/1/10 4/30/11
U 8 5/1/09 4/30/10
U10 (U9 and U10) 5/1/07 4/30/09
U12 (U11 and U12) 5/1/05 4/30/07
U14 (U13 and U14) 5/1/03 4/30/05
U18 (U15 - U18) 5/1/99 4/30/03
Select/Premier League Start End
U7/8 Premier League and 8U Select 5/1/09 4/30/11
U 9 Select Team 5/1/08 4/30/09
U10 Select Team 5/1/07 4/30/08
U11 Select Team 5/1/06 4/30/07
U12 Select Team 5/1/05 4/30/06
U13 Select Team 5/1/04 4/30/05


The T-Ball and Coach Pitch Divisions play “age pure” which means five year olds play each other; six year olds play each other, etc.  Rules are established to ensure that the anticipated abilities to play, learn and develop are realistic for the respective age groups.  As kids move up in age groups, the rules of the game advance accordingly to advance their baseball skills and knowledge. U7 and U8 age group teams are selected by a draft based on a tryout in the spring season.

Blast Ball is the only age group that plays two age groups together in the spring, 3 and 4 year olds.

U9 and U10 are age pure. All older divisions (U12, U14 and U16) play age group mixed and will be re-formed each season. Teams are selected by draft based on a tryout.

New 2015 all age groups are re-formed each season.

City League coaches for both Fall and Spring are selected from a list of volunteers based on number of teams.  Coach volunteer applications are available at registration.  All CBA coaches must pass a routine criminal background check and complete a coach certification course.  One weeknight game and one Saturday game per week is expected in the Spring, games in the Fall are only played on Saturdays.  Number of regular season games is expected to be 10-12 in the Spring and 8 in the Fall.

A City League Tournament (double elimination) is played at the end of the regular season in the Spring to determine a champion for all divisions except Blast ball and T-Ball.  There is no Blast ball and T-Ball tournament in CBA.

All divisions (Blast Ball, U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16) play age group mixed and are reformed each Fall season.  Teams are selected by blind draw of all registered players. No tryouts are required. Fall 2012 U7 and U8 age groups will be played age pure.  Blast ball, U6, U7 and U8 have to the option to build your own team. Blast ball and U6 have the option to pick a buddy.


  • Coppell Cowboys 10U Red Wins USSSA State Championship Tournament

    Coppell Cowboys 10U Red Wins USSSA State Championship Tournament

  • 10U Coppell Cowboys Red Wins USSSA Trophy Hunter Tournament

    10U Coppell Cowboys Red Wins USSSA Trophy Hunter Tournament

  • 10U Coppell Cowboys Red Win USSSA Nothing But Wood NIT BLD

    10U Coppell Cowboys Red Win USSSA Nothing But Wood NIT BLD

  • 12U Cowboys-AAYBA

    12U Cowboys-AAYBA

  • 9U Coppell Cowboys Drennings

    9U Coppell Cowboys Drennings

  • Duncanville



  • CBA 12U All Stars Colleyville Champs

    CBA 12U All Stars Colleyville Champs

  • U7 Astros

    U7 Astros

  • U8 River Dogs

    U8 River Dogs

  • U10 Blue Jays

    U10 Blue Jays

  • U12 Astros

    U12 Astros