The goal of the Coppell Baseball Association has always been to provide each youth baseball player in Coppell the best opportunity for developing baseball skills, regardless of the player’s skill level. In the spring of 2011, the CBA introduced the Cowboy Premier League (hereinafter “the CPL”). This league consists of two to four teams, typically two in the fall consisting of 8U players only and three in the spring consisting of both 8U and 7U players, who wish to play baseball at an elevated level and who possesses the necessary skill and talent to play at a higher level. The CBA 8U and 7U recreational baseball programs continue as normal in addition to the CPL. The CBA believes the CPL will create better playing opportunities for all players in these age groups whether the player plays in the CPL or the 8U or 7U recreational leagues.


The CBA Board believes by creating the CPL it will improve play in both the CPL and recreational leagues. Parents can expect the CPL to be more focused on competition and continued skill development at a higher level, while the recreational leagues will be more focused on basic skill development, and learning. CBA further believes by creating the CPL, it will give players in the recreational leagues the opportunity to develop at key positions which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to play. 


Information regarding the Coppell Baseball Association League can be found in this section.  If you need additional information or have questions regarding our association email 


CBA contracts with a qualified third party to provide umpires for CBA scheduled games. Games can begin with at least one umpire present. In the event no official umpire is available at the official starting time, an on-site league official should be located to determine the appropriate course of action.

During a game, an umpire’s judgment decisions are final and cannot be argued by any coach or player. This includes, but is not limited to, the calling of ball and strikes, decisions of safe or out, decisions of fair or foul or any call that is at the discretion of the umpire’s judgment. If in the opinion of the umpire or a league official this policy is violated, the offending party will not be allowed to continue participating in the game. In addition, no coach, player, parent or spectator can question or approach, in a negative manner, an umpire following the conclusion of a game. If in the opinion of the CBA Board of Directors this policy has been violated, the offending party will be suspended from attending and participating in games and/or practices. Concerns about an umpire’s game performance can be discussed with the Board Member after the games has concluded  by sending electronic mail to league officials. In addition, each manager is responsible for the conduct of his/her parents and coaches and can be disciplined for the conduct of his team’s parents and coaches.  

The CBA third party agency employs both teenagers and adults as umpires.  If you are interested in being an umpire, please contact the Wayne Moore Umpire Director at   





Oct 22 (Mon)       Online Registration Begins (ends Jan. 29th)

Oct 27-Nov. 3      Select Team/Premier League Tryouts

Jan. 28 (Mon)      Registration Ends

Feb. 9  (Sat)        Last Day for a Refund

Feb. 16 (Sat)        Recreational League Coaches Look

Feb. 23 (Sat)        Recreational League Draft/Draw U7 and up (location TBA)

Feb. 26 (Tues)      Coaches Meeting and Equipment Distribution

Mar. 4 (Mon)        Practice Begins

Mar. 18 (Mon)      Select/Premier League Games Begin

April 1 (Mon)       Recreational League Games Begin

April 6 (Sat)         Opening Day Ceremonies

April 8 (Mon)       All Star Coaches Application Due

April 7 &14          Team Photos Mac Park (Sunday)

April 28 (Sun)      All Star Tryouts

May 5 (Sun)      All Star Tryouts Make up if needed

May 10 (Fri)         Regular Season Ends U7 and above

May 11 (Sat)        Post Season Tournament Begins-Rec. League

May 25 (Sat)        Regular Season Ends (Blast Ball-U6)

June 1 (Sat)          Post Season Tournament Ends

*Note dates subject to change.