Select/Premier league tryouts for the fall season will be held June 24th through July 8th.  Dates and times per age group to be announced.  We will accommodate any travel or other schedule conflicts by scheduling makeup tryouts as needed.  Once coaches have been select on June 20th and tryout schedule has been posted, please contact the coach in your age group directly to schedule a makeup. We will post coaches and contact information by June 20th.

If you are interested in coaching a select/premier league team, please submit the attached application to Kevin Slaton @ by June 20th.

Fall registration is now open.


Tryout Schedule:

7/8U Premier League and 8U Select TBD

9U Select Tuesday, June 29th 6:30pm WW1 

10U Select Sunday, July 8 at 6:30pm WW1

11U Select Thursday July 5 at 6:30pm WW3

12U - 14U TBD

CBA Select Team Guest Player Procedure

CBA Select Guest Player Procedure:

  • A guest player may be added for a fee, which covers registration costs, administrative fees, credit card fees, city user fees and insurance.
  • The cost to add the guest player is $35.00, for a weekend event (ie. tournament or double-header).
  • If a guest player will be added for more than a weekend event, the cost is $75 for up to 6 games. 
  • If a guest player plays more than 6 games, they need to be officially added to the roster and pay full registration fees

Please mail that attached form with the registration fee to CBA PO Box 141 Coppell TX 75019.



Fall 2018 Season Dates

CBA Fall 2018 calendar attached.  Fall registration is now open.


 Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 9.52.53 AM.png

Team Photos

  • Parents to order pictures use the link below.

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CBA Alumni, Pittsburg Pirates interview

See attached clip 8/20/2017 inteview with CBA alumni and current member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Josh Bell on his experience at Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament.

CBA has provided two 12U Select teams the opportunity to travel to Cooperstown, New York for the Dreams invitation-only tournament. For over 18 years, our teams participate in this event that includes more than 1,300 teams from across the nation.   The Cooperstown tournament is a lifetime experience for the players and families alike, and CBA is extremely proud of our teams’ continued participation in this special event.

 See clip below: