What equipment is provided and what equipment do I have to supply?

The CBA provides recreational league teams with catcher’s gear, pitcher’s helmet and chest protector and batting tee as needed. Also depending on the age group a score book and practice and game balls will be provided. The CBA provides all necessary equipment for BlastBall including Tee, Balls, Foam Bat and special Blast Base.

The CBA provides uniforms for Recreational leagues for each player.  Uniforms include team jersey and baseball cap.  The CBA also provides the head coach and one assistant coach a team baseball cap and uniform.

Batting Helmets, Baseball Gloves and Bats are not provided to players. It is highly recommended that all players wear a protective cup at both practices and games. Additionally, most players wear rubber baseball cleats. No steel cleats are allowed. Due to the use of the foam bat and ball in BlastBall, there is no requirement to wear a batting helmet or use a baseball glove – these are optional.

For U9-U10, batting helmets are required to have a face guard.



What bats are legal for use in CBA play?

CBA has adopted USSSA rules will govern the use of bats in CBA leagues in 2012.  

Tournaments played under other governing bodies (PONY Baseball, Triple Crown, Super Series, AAYBA, Nations Baseball, etc.) may have different rules that may or may not result in an approved USSSA bat being deemed illegal in that tournament.