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General Information

Select and Premier League General Information

Select Team Program (8U-14U)

CBA Select Baseball Program


CBA offers a competitive alternative for players who demonstrate the ability to play at a higher level.  This program is known as Select.  CBA formed this competitive program due to an increased number of players interested in a higher level of competition.  Because CBA’s core focus is our Recreational Baseball Program, CBA limits the number of competitive teams it forms to players who demonstrate the ability to perform at a Select AA level or above.  CBA is committed to ensuring the Recreational Baseball Program remains a strong and vibrant program.

Select teams at each age group are selected through a tryout process before each fall and spring season for 8U through 12U, although older age groups may form Select teams if enough interest and talent exists.  Players that are determined by experienced, independent Select-level evaluators to have the ability to perform at a Select AA level or above will be eligible to be selected to a CBA Select team.  CBA will only form Select teams that are composed entirely of players determined to be Select-level players.  Typically, the CBA Select Baseball Program rosters two teams per age group from 9U to 12U and one team at 8U.  It is tradition for the 11U teams to travel and play in the Omaha Slumpbusters Tournament and for the 12U teams to play in the Cooperstown Dreams Tournament.

Alternative options to Select exist and consist of the CBA Recreational Baseball Program, Premier League Program (see Premier League page), and Summer All Stars (see Tournament Teams page).


The Select program time commitment is significantly higher than the Recreational and Premier league programs.  The fall season is considered to be instructional and is more relaxed.  CBA supports young athletes playing multiple sports, especially in the fall.  Given this, schedule conflicts with other activities in the fall are expected and accommodated to the degree practicable.  In the spring, a Select player’s primary athletic commitment is expected to be baseball.

The financial commitment for Select is also higher than for the Recreational and Premier league programs, although the costs remain far lower than privately run travel teams in the area.  Additional costs for Select teams relative to Recreational league costs include uniforms, tournament fees, private instruction, travel expenses, equipment, and other related expenses.  CBA Select teams are provided access to Coppell fields for practice and games.

Although the exact number of games played from season to season or team to team fluctuates, Select teams typically play 15-25 games in the fall and 40-60 games in the spring and summer.  Most games tend to come from tournament play, but some also come from play in the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA) League.  TEBA is a regional association of similar city select programs that compete against each other close to or at their home parks.  TEBA games are typically played as doubleheaders on the weekends or single games on some weeknights.

At 11U, CBA Select teams traditionally travel to Omaha, Nebraska for the Slumpbusters Tournament, which is held concurrently with the College World Series.  At 12U, the top two CBA Select teams travel to Cooperstown, New York for the Dreams invitation-only tournament that includes more than 1,300 teams from across the nation.  The Cooperstown trip requires significant expenditures, so CBA has arranged for the teams to conduct tournament fundraisers to offset the costs to players’ families.  Both the Omaha tournament and the Cooperstown tournament are lifetime experiences for the players and families alike, and CBA is extremely proud of our teams’ continued participation in these special events.

Coach Selection

-        Interested candidates must submit a completed coach application to the CBA Director of Select Teams by the posted deadline to be considered for coach selection.

-        The Coaches Selection Committee, comprised of at least two CBA Board Members and assembled by the Director of Select Teams, will interview each candidate.  Coaches must agree to abide by the rules, protocols, expectations, and philosophies of CBA in order to be considered, which also includes expectations for parent/team communications and playing in the Omaha and Cooperstown tournaments at 11U and 12U.  All of this is discussed during the interview process.

-        All coaches who have opposition by another candidate must participate in the interview process.

-        At the discretion of the Director of Select Teams, a returning Select team coach whose position is not being challenged may not be required to interview.

-        The Coaches Selection Committee will consider each applicant, including returning unopposed coaches, and the Director of Select Teams will inform CBA of its recommendations/selections.

-        Once finalized, Select coaches will be notified.

-        Coaches will remain in their positions for the fall and following spring/summer season.

Team Formation

-        A tryout at each age group will be held for all positions and roster spots prior to each season (typically July for fall season and mid-November for the spring/summer season).

-        A player must try out to be eligible to be drafted.  Players are expected to be registered to attend a tryout.  Payment is not required until a player has been drafted to a team.  If a player does not make a Select team and does not want to play in the CBA Recreational league, a refund will be processed.  Although technically protected, the head coach’s son(s) is required to participate in the tryout and be scored like others who attend the tryout.  It is possible that the head coach’s son might be a “bubble” or “on the edge” player, which is acceptable in many cases, as CBA focuses on the larger good for purposes of selecting who the head coach should be from the pool of individuals who apply.

-        If a player cannot attend a predetermined tryout or tryout make-up, the player cannot be considered eligible for a Select team unless the Director of Select Teams has granted an exception.

-      A head coach may choose to have certain players stay behind for additional repetitions at the end of a tryout or invite certain players to a second tryout to ensure the most appropriate selections are made for each team.  Head coaches are expected to attend all tryout dates for their age group.

-        Each tryout requires an Independent Evaluator to be present to evaluate each player and provide those evaluations to the head coaches for review and consideration.  The Independent Evaluator is required to be present for the primary tryout only; however, it is ideal and encouraged to attempt to have the Independent Evaluator attend make-up tryouts if possible.  The independent evaluator will have no direct affiliations or connections to the specific age group but must be experienced in the necessary skill level for a player to perform at a Select AA level or above.

-        The Independent Evaluator will complete the evaluation form as prepared by the coaches, which will include an assessment as to whether each player who tries out appears qualified to perform at a Select AA level or above.

-        Only the head coaches, or volunteers from other age divisions, should facilitate the tryout (i.e., hitting balls, throwing balls, etc.).  Parents with kids trying out may assist in keeping kids organized on the field if requested by the head coaches.  Any other exceptions should be approved by the Director of Select Teams in advance.

-        Independent Evaluator notes/rankings are to be kept confidential and maintained by the head coach for a period of 30 days after rosters have been posted.

-        Player selection will be as objective as possible and it is expected players will be selected by the Head Coach based upon ability, attitude, baseball knowledge, and other relevant attributes.  Ultimately, the goal is to draft the best and most qualified players to each team.  The top team (or Red Team) will draft first and should be comprised of the most qualified players and then the bottom team (or Black Team) will draft second.  It is strictly prohibited to lock in rosters from season to season and any exceptions are to be discussed and approved by the Director of Select Teams.  The goal of the tryout process and the philosophy of CBA is to provide an opportunity for players to advance over time and to have a chance of making a team above where they’ve played in prior seasons.  The only exception allowed by CBA is at the 12U age group.  At the coach’s discretion, he is allowed to commit to his players a full baseball season (fall plus spring) given that significant fundraising starts during fall play.  This is not required but allowed.  If the coach chooses to commit to a full baseball year, players are not required to participate in tryouts conducted after the fall season concludes.  However, all players must participate in tryouts prior to the fall season.

-        Assistant coaches will be selected by the Select team head coaches after their teams have been selected.  Children of probable assistant coaches cannot be protected or assigned to specific teams.

-        All players drafted by a head coach should be contacted by the head coach to discuss expectations, commitment, etc. prior to rosters being posted to ensure the player is truly willing to accept the invitation.  Equally as important, any incumbent player bumped from a team (first to second, second to neither team, etc.) must receive a call from the team’s head coach prior to rosters being posted.

-        Some head coaches may elect to secure paid coaches to augment the duties of the head coach to ensure appropriate specialized instruction is provided to each player.  The plan for this and estimated additional costs must be approved in advance by the Director of Select Teams to ensure reasonableness.  Also, this should be disclosed to the families of the players in advance, preferably when the coach notifies the family the intent to draft their child to a team.  This only applies to paid instructors contributing in a material way to an entire team regularly throughout a season and does not apply to the occasional addition of paid instructors.  This also does not apply to individual private instruction.  While it is encouraged that each family make the head coach aware of any private instruction (paid or not) their child is receiving, it is the responsibility and decision of that family to manage individual private instruction for their child.

-        CBA has a Parental Appeals Process.  The Parental Appeals Process can only be used when a player chooses to move down from the first team to the second team.  The Parental Appeals Process cannot be used to request a move from the second team to the first team in any instance and with no exceptions.  All Appeals should be directed to the Director of Select Teams.

-        Each team will be named Coppell Cowboys-Coach Last Name.  The top team is commonly referred to as the Red Team and the second team is referred to as the Black Team.

-        The number of players to be rostered on each team is at the discretion of the head coach.

-        The top team, over time, is expected to play at the AAA or Major level and the bottom team at the AA or AAA level.  This is largely based upon the talent and success of each team.

-        Coppell has a residency requirement, which means a minimum number of players must: (1) attend school within the Coppell Independent School District, (2) live in the City of Coppell, or (3) have played in the Coppell Recreational Program for at least one season.

·        Select teams are required to keep their scorebooks using GameChanger and are required to purchase standard uniforms, bags, and helmets prescribed by CBA.

Any and all exception requests to the rules described above should be directed to the CBA Director of Select Teams.


Premier League (7U & 8U)


The goal of the Coppell Baseball Association has always been to provide each youth baseball player in Coppell the best opportunity for developing baseball skills, regardless of the player’s skill level. In the spring of 2011, the CBA introduced the Cowboy Premier League (hereinafter “the CPL”). This league consists of two to four teams, typically two in the fall consisting of 8U players only and three in the spring consisting of both 8U and 7U players, who wish to play baseball at an elevated level and who possesses the necessary skill and talent to play at a higher level. The CBA 8U and 7U recreational baseball programs continue as normal in addition to the CPL. The CBA believes the CPL will create better playing opportunities for all players in these age groups whether the player plays in the CPL or the 8U or 7U recreational leagues.


The CBA Board believes by creating the CPL it will improve play in both the CPL and recreational leagues. Parents can expect the CPL to be more focused on competition and continued skill development at a higher level, while the recreational leagues will be more focused on basic skill development, and learning. CBA further believes by creating the CPL, it will give players in the recreational leagues the opportunity to develop at key positions which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to play. 



CPL Team Formation


Each registered player will be required to attend a scheduled tryout to be eligible for the draft.  All players who choose to attend the CPL tryout will be evaluated and scored by independent evaluators. These evaluators will have baseball coaching and/or playing experience. The players will be ranked based upon the average of the evaluators’ scores from the highest score to the lowest score. Generally, the players eligible to be drafted will be those whose rankings are equal to or less than 150% of the total number of players necessary to fill 10 player rosters for each team. The player draft list will be reviewed by the CPL Director and CPL Head Coaches to ensure the evaluation process has been reasonably accurate and to ensure those players who should be on the list are present. Accordingly, the 150% list may, in the end, be slightly more than 150%. Two players per team (i.e., head coach plus assistant coach) may be protected. Each head coach will work with the Director of the CPL when selecting an assistant coach. The goal of the CPL is to increase competition by establishing an equal balance among the CPL teams (stacking is prohibited).  Each CPL coach’s son will be evaluated in the tryout process and assigned a rating just like all other players. A minimum of two 7U players are required to be drafted per team; however, additional 7U players may be drafted. The player draft list will be broken into the following distinct groups:

  1. The “Round 1” group, consisting of 8u and 7U players with rankings in the top 30% of the total number of players to be drafted across all teams;
  2. The “Round 2” group, consisting of 8U and 7U players with rankings in the top 40% of the total number of players to be drafted across all teams;
  3. The “Round 3” group (7U only), consisting of 7U players with rankings in the top 30% of the total number of players to be drafted across all teams;
  4.  The “Round 4” group (7U only), which is comprised of 7U players with rankings in the top 40% of the total number of players to be drafted across all teams;
  5. The “Round 5” group consisting of all remaining players. 


Head coaches must pick their protected players from the rounds in which they are assigned based upon evaluator ratings. If any protected player remains after Rounds 1-4, the protected player must be selected in Round 5 (and Round 6 if two protected players remain).  Again, the intent of this process is to create a balance of talent among the CPL teams. The draft/player rankings information will not be shared with anyone except the CPL Director, CPL Coaches, and select CBA Board members.  For seasons, typically the fall season, when 7U players are not be eligible for the CPL league, Rounds 3 & 4 above are eliminated and Round 5 becomes Round 3.





Parents will designate, at registration, as to whether or not their child wishes to try out for the CPL. All players who wish to participate in the CPL must be age eligible and attend a scheduled tryout. Tryouts typically occur in the early July timeframe for fall teams and early November timeframe for spring teams. Players with a valid reason for not attending a scheduled tryout may still be considered for the CPL subject to the discretion of the CPL Director. A non-attendee will be considered on a case-by-case basis based upon the individual’s reason for not attending and must be approved by the CPL Director and a CBA Committee to be eligible for the draft.


CPL coaches will be selected through an interview process by a CBA Coaches Selection Committee. The coaching selection process will be very similar to how the 9U-12U Cowboys Select Teams are chosen (see Select Team page for more details). Coaches will remain in their positions for the fall and the following spring season. Each coaching candidate will be required to fill out a Coach Application and each will be required to complete the normal CBA background check. Application deadlines will be posted each spring on the CBA website. Completed coach applications should be emailed to the CPL Director and/or Becki Miles at Coaches application can be found in the FAQ, forms section of the web site.





Doug Cannon is the CPL Director for the fall 2023 and spring 2024 seasons. Please contact Doug directly with any questions you may have regarding the CPL at




Rosters will consist of 10-12 players and games will be played with four (4) outfielders. 

CPL games are typically played against elevated play teams from Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville, and Keller. 

Each CPL team is expected to play no less than 12 games each season weather permitting.

Parents should expect and be committed to each CPL team practicing 1-2 times per week during the season and playing each Saturday in the fall (typically doubleheaders) and 2 days per week in the spring (with doubleheaders on Saturdays).

CPL coaches will do their best to ensure that each player is instructed in a similar fashion with similar terminology.

Situations that will be considered in the draft on a case-by-case basis by the CPL Director (and Select Teams Director if necessary) include: siblings, car-pooling relationships, and players who move into the CBA district after the CPL draft.  Considerations will only be given to players who qualify to be drafted and/or are selected.