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The goal of the Coppell Baseball Association has always been to provide each youth baseball player in Coppell the best opportunity for developing baseball skills, regardless of the player’s skill level. In the spring of 2011, the CBA introduced the Cowboy Premier League (hereinafter “the CPL”). This league consists of two to four teams, typically two in the fall consisting of 8U players only and three in the spring consisting of both 8U and 7U players, who wish to play baseball at an elevated level and who possesses the necessary skill and talent to play at a higher level. The CBA 8U and 7U recreational baseball programs continue as normal in addition to the CPL. The CBA believes the CPL will create better playing opportunities for all players in these age groups whether the player plays in the CPL or the 8U or 7U recreational leagues.


The CBA Board believes by creating the CPL it will improve play in both the CPL and recreational leagues. Parents can expect the CPL to be more focused on competition and continued skill development at a higher level, while the recreational leagues will be more focused on basic skill development, and learning. CBA further believes by creating the CPL, it will give players in the recreational leagues the opportunity to develop at key positions which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to play. 


Information regarding the Coppell Baseball Association League can be found in this section.  If you need additional information or have questions regarding our association email 


CBA contracts with a qualified third party to provide umpires for CBA scheduled games. Games can begin with at least one umpire present. In the event no official umpire is available at the official starting time, an on-site league official should be located to determine the appropriate course of action.

During a game, an umpire’s judgment decisions are final and cannot be argued by any coach or player. This includes, but is not limited to, the calling of ball and strikes, decisions of safe or out, decisions of fair or foul or any call that is at the discretion of the umpire’s judgment. If in the opinion of the umpire or a league official this policy is violated, the offending party will not be allowed to continue participating in the game. In addition, no coach, player, parent or spectator can question or approach, in a negative manner, an umpire following the conclusion of a game. If in the opinion of the CBA Board of Directors this policy has been violated, the offending party will be suspended from attending and participating in games and/or practices. Concerns about an umpire’s game performance can be discussed with the Board Member after the games has concluded  by sending electronic mail to league officials. In addition, each manager is responsible for the conduct of his/her parents and coaches and can be disciplined for the conduct of his team’s parents and coaches.  

The CBA third party agency employs both teenagers and adults as umpires.  If you are interested in being an umpire, please contact the Wayne Moore Umpire Director at ancump37@msn.com.   





Oct 22 (Mon)       Online Registration Begins (ends Jan. 29th)

Oct 27-Nov. 3      Select Team/Premier League Tryouts

Jan. 28 (Mon)      Registration Ends

Feb. 9  (Sat)        Last Day for a Refund

Feb. 16 (Sat)        Recreational League Coaches Look

Feb. 23 (Sat)        Recreational League Draft/Draw U7 and up (location TBA)

Feb. 26 (Tues)      Coaches Meeting and Equipment Distribution

Mar. 4 (Mon)        Practice Begins

Mar. 18 (Mon)      Select/Premier League Games Begin

April 1 (Mon)       Recreational League Games Begin

April 6 (Sat)         Opening Day Ceremonies

April 8 (Mon)       All Star Coaches Application Due

April 7 &14          Team Photos Mac Park (Sunday)

April 28 (Sun)      All Star Tryouts

May 5 (Sun)      All Star Tryouts Make up if needed

May 10 (Fri)         Regular Season Ends U7 and above

May 11 (Sat)        Post Season Tournament Begins-Rec. League

May 25 (Sat)        Regular Season Ends (Blast Ball-U6)

June 1 (Sat)          Post Season Tournament Ends

*Note dates subject to change. 






  1. Any official, member or guest of the CBA using profane language, demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or under the influence of intoxicating beverages/substances at the ball park (practice fields, playing field or in the stands) will be subject to immediate ejection and disciplinary action from the CBA Board. A CBA member must report this conduct in writing to the commissioner of the league within 24 hours.
  2. Use of tobacco products is not permitted on the playing field or in the dugout by anyone during league games or practices.
  3. CBA has implemented a grievance process to give a player, parent or coach a forum to have their complaint heard and acted upon, if warranted, by a neutral body (five members).  Specifically, if someone has a grievance, they are to submit their complaint in writing to CBA within seven days of the event giving rise to the complaint.  The grievance committee will review the complaint, conduct an appropriate investigation, and make an appropriate response to the complaint.  The grievance committee’s decision is the final decision in all cases.


  1. Please make efforts to be safe, lock your cars and hide valuables.  The Coppell Police Department has notified us that there have been reports of break-ins at area fields. 
  2. CBA is not resposible for any damage to cars as a result a foul ball.
  3. CBA maintains a Skyscan Lightning Detector at both Wagon Wheel and MacArthur Park game fields.  In the event of threatening weather, the CBA field official will monitor the Skycan Lightning Detector. When lightning strikes are detected within 8 miles, games will be immediately stopped and the parks will be evacuated.  In the event games are suspended, parents, coaches and players are to immediately go to their vehicles and wait for word as to whether games will be resumed after the inclement weather has passed.
  4. If a child is missing, a CBA field official should be immediately contacted.  The CBA field official will immediately take steps to secure the park and close all entrances until the missing child is located.  If the child is not located within a short period of time, the local police will be contacted.



What is All Star/Tournament Team Baseball?

CBA will again sponsor Summer All Star Tournament Teams after the conclusion of our regular spring season and post-season playoffs. These teams will be referred to as All Star/Tournament Teams.

The Activity:

The All Star/Tournament Teams participate in a significantly more competitive environment than regular CBA play. These teams begin play after the conclusion of the CBA Rec season and generally participate in tournaments in neighboring cities.   The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide more information about the tournament team process and educate parents of all CBA participants, so you can decide if your player should be considered for this activity.

General Information:

CBA Coaches/Players/Parents:

The Coppell Baseball Association (“CBA”) will be forming All-Star teams to compete in summer tournaments at the conclusion of the regular season and post-season tournament.  All players currently playing in the recreation and premier league are eligible to attend the tryouts.

All-Star tryouts will be held Sunday, May 5th (May 12th  make up date if needed) at Wagon Wheel Park (please check CBA website for specific times and fields) and teams will for formed for the following age groups:

U6 (if enough interest), U7, U8, U9, U10, U11-12 and U13-14. Age groups may be combined based on numbers.

The process of selecting the All-Star Coaches is will be done in April.  Applications due Monday, April 15th.

All-Star Team participation is a fun and rewarding time for all involved.  However, in considering All-Star Team participation and discussing the merits of All-Star Team play with your child, please bear the following points in mind: 

1.            Commitment to All-Star Teams means a commitment of time and money.

a.                  Time - Four to five tournaments (3-5 games each) will be played on weekends (Friday night through Sunday) beginning in June and, possibly early July. In addition, All-Star teams will practice at least 2 times per week.

b.                  Costs - The players (parents) must cover uniforms, tournament fees and any other expenses.  The estimated cost for uniforms is typically $75 to $100/player.  Costs vary widely based on the quality and number of uniform components a team decides to purchase.  Tournament fees are usually $325 – 425 per tournament, per team.  Donations/sponsorships can and should be solicited to offset the cost.

2.            Most tournaments will be held outside of Coppell in surrounding communities. 

3.            The All-Star Team season is a highly competitive environment, much more so than our Coppell recreational league.  It is not necessarily conducive to equal playing time for all members of the team.

4.            The amount of playing time, and in which positions, is up to the manager and coaches of the team.  Although many of the players selected may have pitched or played shortstop during the CBA season, not all will pitch or play shortstop for All-Star Teams.

The player selection process is as follows:

1.            All players must attend the tryout to be eligible.

2.            Each head coach or an assistant of all 2019 Spring Recreational and Premier League teams in an age group should attend the tryout and rank each player in that age group.  Each coach assigns a rank to each player from 1 to10 with the total number of players in the tryout.  A ranking of 10 representing the highest ranking.

3.            The coaches submit their rankings and, once the highest and lowest rankings for each player are omitted, the results are tallied for each player.  The highest and lowest rankings are omitted to help eliminate biases.

4.            The first 8 players with the higher rankings qualify for the Red team.  The All-Star Red head coach will have 4 “wildcard” selections (the coach’s son counts as one of the wildcard selections) to bring the total number of players selected to the Red team to 12.  The “wildcard” selections must come from the list of players who attended the tryout and were ranked.

5.            For those age groups with 2 All-Star Teams:  After the Red team roster has been selected the next 8 players with the higher rankings qualify for the Black team. The All-Star Black head coach will have 4 “wildcard” selections (the coach’s son counts as one of the wildcard selections) to bring the total number of players select to the Black team to 12.  The “wildcard” selections must come from the list of players who attended the tryout and were ranked.

Thank you,

Chris Borchers

All Star/Tournament Team Director



Please use the information below to find the locations for area baseball association facilities.

Colleyville City Park
5200 Bransford Road Colleyville

Flower Mound Bakersfield Park
1201 Duncan Ln, Flower Mound

Grapevine Oak Grove Park
2520 Oak Grove Loop S Grapevine

Keller Sports Complex
200 Sports Parkway Keller

 Southlike Bicentenial Park
476 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake

Trophy Club Independence Park
501 Parkview Drive Trophy Club




In the Fall, all teams are chosen through a computer-generated draw. However, we do offer the option for a coach to build their own team (Blast ball - U8) or for players to request a buddy (blast ball and U6 divisions only). Forms. to participate in these options, are located in the section labeled forms under FAQ. 

In the Spring, Blast ball - U6 are chosen through a computer-generated draw; however, build your own team and pick a buddy options are available.  U7-U14 players are chosen through a coaches’ draft.  U7-U14 players will be asked to attend a “coaches look” tryout before being drafted to teams.  

CBA will hold a draft for the spring season only for the recreational league the week following coach look.  If a player wants to be considered during the draft, the must attend the coaches look. If a player does not participate in coach look that player is placed in the "blind draft" where a coach can select them at random.  This is the only way this player can be selected.


Please utilize the batting cages with extreme safety. Players have been injured inside and outside of the cages when there’s been a loss of focus on safety precautions. No swinging bats outside of the cages. Please have a coach or parent monitor players around the cages.

  • All players must wear a helmet in the cages and the cage door must be closed at all times.
  • No metal spikes are allowed in the cages.

Batting cages are assigned to CBA teams each season.  Batting cage schedule is posted under schedules, batting cage.   


What equipment is provided and what equipment do I have to supply?

The CBA provides recreational league teams with catcher’s gear, pitcher’s helmet and chest protector and batting tee as needed. Also depending on the age group a score book and practice and game balls will be provided. The CBA provides all necessary equipment for BlastBall including Tee, Balls, Foam Bat and special Blast Base.

The CBA provides uniforms for Recreational leagues for each player.  Uniforms include team jersey and baseball cap.  The CBA also provides the head coach and one assistant coach a team baseball cap and uniform.

Batting Helmets, Baseball Gloves and Bats are not provided to players. It is highly recommended that all players wear a protective cup at both practices and games. Additionally, most players wear rubber baseball cleats. No steel cleats are allowed. Due to the use of the foam bat and ball in BlastBall, there is no requirement to wear a batting helmet or use a baseball glove – these are optional.

For U9-U10, batting helmets are required to have a face guard.


Bat Regulations

Bats can be very expensive so buying a used bat is not a bad idea (Play it Again Sports or other family’s may have bats from older kids). Getting the right bat may the most important purchase you make (especially in coach pitch). Players using a bat that is too heavy usually will hit the ball softly to pitcher, 1st Base or 2nd Base (easy outs for most age groups with live pitching). By using a lighter bat, the player will generate more bat speed and pull the ball to shortstop or 3rd Base (much harder play to make for most age groups). It is as small thing but can be the difference between your child getting on base and having more fun versus the easy outs.

Bat weight is measured by the minus or drop weight which means the drop weight is the difference between the length and weight of the bat, so a bat that is 27 inches long and has a drop weight of -10 will weigh 17 ounces. You might look at a -12 (drop 12) for players that are smaller or new to the sport and may not have the swing speed for a bigger bat.

Players playing in older age groups, select, premier or tournament level baseball may have more regulations to choose from regarding bat weights.  Most leagues will be looking for USSSA, BBCOR or NHSF approved bats.  Please use the 2 links below for guidelines.





  • Coppell Cowboys 10U Red Wins USSSA State Championship Tournament

    Coppell Cowboys 10U Red Wins USSSA State Championship Tournament

  • 10U Coppell Cowboys Red Wins USSSA Trophy Hunter Tournament

    10U Coppell Cowboys Red Wins USSSA Trophy Hunter Tournament

  • 10U Coppell Cowboys Red Win USSSA Nothing But Wood NIT BLD

    10U Coppell Cowboys Red Win USSSA Nothing But Wood NIT BLD

  • 12U Cowboys-AAYBA

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  • 9U Coppell Cowboys Drennings

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  • Duncanville


  • Argyle Tournament 13U Cowboys Nguyen

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  • Coppell Black 11U Tournament Win

    Coppell Black 11U Tournament Win

  • Coppell Cowboys 9u Drenning won our first tournament of the Spring.

    Coppell Cowboys 9u Drenning won our first tournament of the Spring.

  • Spring 2018 2nd at TSB Tourney

    Spring 2018 2nd at TSB Tourney


  • CBA 12U All Stars Colleyville Champs

    CBA 12U All Stars Colleyville Champs

  • U7 Astros

    U7 Astros

  • U8 River Dogs

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  • U10 Blue Jays

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  • U12 Astros

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  • Coppell Cowboys 8U Black

    Coppell Cowboys 8U Black

  • 12U All Stars finish 2nd place in Bracket 2 of the Advanced Rec Division at the DFW World Series

    12U All Stars finish 2nd place in Bracket 2 of the Advanced Rec Division at the DFW World Series

  • Coppell All Star Black 8U won second place in the Flower Mound / Highland Village All-Star Tournament

    Coppell All Star Black 8U won second place in the Flower Mound / Highland Village All-Star Tournament

  • Diamond bracket champions, 9u

    Diamond bracket champions, 9u